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Author: Ciaran O'Neill

Future Marketing Trends – Looking Ahead

With marketers now looking towards next year, let’s take a look at what trends have made a difference this year, and what trends will be the movers and shakers of social media marketing in 2016. The most significant trend of 2015 has been the steady rise of content as a prominent part of your marketing strategy, especially for social media and publishing.  Facebook has added fantastic tools to help boost posts plus dynamic advertising for mobiles, and it also has begun organically improving native video post reach too. As mobile and video are both the future of online content and advertising, it is definitely time to start implementing these two things into your marketing strategy. This infographic below from MDG Advertising tells you where social trends are heading in 2016. At Team Social, we always keep on top of current trends, whilst keeping one eye looking to the future, contact us to find out more on how we ensure your content is always engaging and...

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Top Hidden Features On Social Media!

Like all businesses, social media platforms must update themselves constantly to keep themselves at the forefront of their industry, usually by making themselves more user friendly with more functions. As these social media sites obtain more users, it receives feedback on how to advance and improve the features available. For instance, Facebook has continued to add more features for business pages, and LinkedIn has added tools to help users improve their page presence. This infographic from Salesforce offers some great hints and tips to help streamline the time you spend on social media. Knowing all of these nooks, crannies and hidden features is what we do here at Team Social, ensuring your sales are boosted through social media. Want your social media pages in the fast lane? Contact us to find out...

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Mobile Marketing In 2015 – An Overview

Your marketing strategy can’t just cater for desktop users nowadays. The rise of portable technology has rapidly affected the majority of digital marketing, from how your website is ranked on Google search to social media and smart-phone friendly email marketing. Mobile marketing has become a vital way of constantly keeping connected with your customers, especially as the now exceed desktop users by a considerable margin. This latest infographic by JBH provides all the important changes that need to be brought to...

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20 Blog Tasks To Complete Before You Hit Post

You’ve started your content marketing strategy, and your filling your website and social channels with blog posts as quick as you can write them. But (and this is a big but), are they grabbing your customer’s attention? Are they optimised for search engines? Don’t just blog your time away inefficiently. Use your content to pull in new customers with catchy titles, to boost your site ranking with specific keywords, whilst ensuring they are no errors so people can trust your content. At Team Social, we use your social media pages to target your customers with the right mix of marketing messages and related content so they fully engage with your brand. Chat with us today to see the fantastic things we can do for your digital marketing. Take a look below at Your Escape from 9 to 5‘s infographic which contains 20 blogging tasks that are...

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Content Trends Of 2015

Content marketing has come on leaps and bounds within the past few years. This year, we have seen a distinct evolution in not only how it’s now consumed by the customer, but also how the platforms have changed with the addition of analytics, meaning we can now measure and predict how the customer will respond to our content. Taking a look at the trends of this year, it’s clear to see a trend of consuming content via video on mobile is becoming more and more prominent. Advertising on social networks is a great way to boost your organic content whilst providing...

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