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Author: Ciaran O'Neill

Top Times To Post On Social Media

Although setting up your social pages and sharing content on them is great (and something we can give you a head start in or comprehensively manage), have you considered what the optimum time is to share these posts? As people have schedules to adhere to and commitments to keep, many of your customers will use social media during specific hours. By understanding when these peak times of social traffic are, you’ll gain likes, shares as well as find an increase in traffic to your site. Build upon this increase by gaining more retweets, or posting your video content at the right time. This infographic by QuickSprout, offers insight into when it’s the best time to post your content. I have found it beneficial to post first thing in the morning between 8-9am, again at 11am to catch the tea break, 1:30pm for the lunch break and at 4:30-6pm as well....

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The History Of The #Hashtag

Originally called the pound, this now ubiquitous sign was first intended to be an abbreviation for the Latin phrase libra pondo, or “pound weight.”   It was then used back in the 80’s on a primitive version of the internet to group messages and other content together, much like how it is used now on social networks. Today, hashtags are used by everyone including businesses, and is an important part of marketing campaigns. This symbol has helped create new dialogue with customers, increased engagement and boosted promotions by spreading buzz around the ‘Twittersphere’ and beyond. Take a look at this infographic by MainStreetHost to see the true power of the hashtag, and why not find out how you can improve your retweets in my other post as...

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2015 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet!

Imagery is so important nowadays for a strong social media presence that it makes sense for you to have the right image sizes for all of the social networks. With the right kind of imagery, your social pages will stand out, attracting the customers you want. Optimise your imagery across all of your brand’s social pages with this complete infographic from SetUpABlogToday. This up-to-date infographic gives you the specific dimensions and file types for each social network, along with a few hints and tips too....

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Increasing LinkedIn Engagement

As seen in my previous blog, LinkedIn is one of the most active and most important social networks to be on. Although it may not create as much traffic compared to the likes (no pun intended!) of Facebook and Twitter, but due to the nature of LinkedIn, it tends to generate higher quality traffic to your site. This infographic by QuickSprout provides some interested facts, stats and steps for you to consider. Want an engaging and active LinkedIn page? With over 9 years experience, our team of content writers will regularly update your LinkedIn page, keeping old customers loyal and interested, whilst attracting new customers too. Give us a call to find out more…...

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8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media is an important part of a companies online marketing strategy, and ensuring it is effective at pushing your brand forward on this dynamic platform is integral to a successful strategy. This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines usefully sums up the most common social media marketing mistakes that are easy to make. As we all know in everyday life, first impressions count for a lot and it is exactly the same on social media. Don’t make social media an uphill struggle, get it right the first time. To give your company a great first impression in the world of social media, why not contact us and see how we can give your social media strategy a head start against your competitors....

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