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Author: Ciaran O'Neill

How To Gain The Most With Video Content On Facebook

The rise of video content has resulted in some interesting shifts on social networks. Networks such as Facebook have begun placing importance on where the video content is originally posted, affecting how many people it reaches. This shift, which began mid-way through 2014┬áhas been the result of Facebook focusing on mobile users and video content. As a business user wanting to gain the most out of your social pages, you’ll want to know how this affects your ROI if you are promoting posts, or how much organic reach you will achieve if you are not. In simple terms, as Facebook has got serious about video, it is persuading brands to use its own native video player. In doing so, your video content gets more reach than any other type of post. Take a look at the stats yourself with these graphs from Joseph Conroy and the Social...

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How Social Media’s Shaping Up In 2015

Using social media correctly should be a serious consideration for any business in this digital age as it provides a channel for your company to gain exposure to the right people, and gain additional website traffic. With so many networks available, the two questions you should ask yourself is ‘what social network is the most popular?’ and ‘what is the right social network for my┬ácompany?’. Viewing the success of social networks from a popularity point of view can give you a decent idea of what sites you should have a presence on, but it isn’t the whole story. Finding the network which is the most relevant is a step in the right direction. For instance, a marketing agency’s Facebook page will generate little traffic compared to their pages on other social networks, whereas a furniture company’s Facebook page will generate a large proportion of traffic from their social network pages. Take a look at the results for yourself with this infographic from...

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