With the fast-paced nature of the digital world, creating content that attracts customers and stays with them is the best first impression you can give to customers. With the nature of social media, many of your clicks will be from new customers, so the first impression is vital in creating sales!

Try these easy to implement ideas you can use to improve your content and brand awareness on social networks:

Make Your Content To A Professional Standard

Developing content is a serious business, rather than stressing yourself out dedicating time to try and write engaging and attractive content, why not hire the right people to get reliable quality and quantity every time.


Following on from the last point, having the right team under you creating content gives you an opportunity to get inventive. The best marketing campaigns contain a broad mix of blogs, videos, infographics and articles.

With diversity in mind, make sure you’re posting a good mix of social content that isn’t too heavy on pure promotional content. Break down your social content into thirds:

  1. One third should promote your company, encourage customers to buy your products & create sales. Examples of this are posting a link to a product, posting about a new sale or competition, or attend an event.
  2. Another third should be about building your brand and interacting with customers making them aware that they’re dealing with people, which makes you relatable and encourages customers to contact you openly in goodwill.
  3. The final third should be posts about things that are happening around your industry, be that sharing content about a local charity or sports team your company sponsors or showing them snippets of interesting and relevant content that they will enjoy sharing. This final third leads us onto the next idea for increasing engagement with your social media marketing…

Drive Engagement With Curated Content

Posting fresh original content requires a lot of effort and spending a considerable amount of time. A great way of ensuring you can regularly update your content is by curating relevant content. Hand-picking the best content from around the web and bringing it to your customer via your site is a fantastic way of showing thought leadership, which encourages customers to come back to your site, increasing user engagement with your brand.


Posting regular well-developed content on your social media sites as well as your website will drive user engagement and increase brand exposure. Want to chat more about developing your content or managing your social media accounts? Chat to us today and together we can get your social content active and exciting, whilst you can get on with running your business.