There is a lot more to measuring social media then people may think. The social media rule of thirds, as described in my previous blog, makes measuring the success of your social media that little more complicated. It’s not all about having the highest amount of followers and calling it a day!

  • Company promotion – Direct links that bring customers from the post straight to your website is where ROI is mostly measured.
  • Community content – Links shared or retweeted by the industry community. Your content being curated by other people is great for thought leadership and makes whatever you post have a much larger impact.
  • Conversational content – Building your brands audience and driving engagement with them which builds trust, increasing conversions.

This infographic from Salesforce lays out the how you should look at the impact of your social media and what metrics to observe in a simple, straight-forward way. What is clear to see is that having a solid, creative social media campaign that engages with your customers, and shares and curates great content creates the perfect mix of marketing messages that provides value to your followers, ensuring they keep listening and keep clicking.